Transformative Hilfe In unseren Händen: Der praktische Umgang mit Gewalt in unserem Freundeskreis. Wie können wir die Betroffenen unterstützen und die Täter zur Verantwortung ziehen?

what to do when somebody tells you a „how to“ for being responsible after crossing other persons boundaries

support zine read something about how you can support survivors of sexualized violence

we are all survivors, we are all perpetrators being responsible with your loved ones

dont rape each other is about being responsible with your beloved ones

I haven’t finished reading that yet. It is all about healing. For both parts – aggressors and survivors. And the communities around them. I love it.
Seriously, it’s revolutionary. And a basic! A must-have.

This zine collects stories how people practice consent, asks you profound questions about consent and gives you the basic infos of what consent is. (And what it is not.)

What is rape culture?

written mainly for survivors of sexual assault

I did NOT try any of these so I can’t tell you if they help. But maybe they do. If it’s part of your healing process to use them, try it.

Written mainly for allies of survivors. I recommend it to everyone because we all have to do with survivors, even if we don’t know it.

Helps you to understand and support.

    • Survivor-Support-Zine

written mainly for men. Mostly about breaking down gender norms of so-called typical male behaviour when having sex

This zine contains writings about male socialisation, how manhood can be positively re-defined, possibilities for males in ending sexism and questions that are meant to discover yourself.

Written for males to practice responsible and joyful sexuality. You can also send it anonymously to somebody… who has to learn ;). (Print, put it in an envelope, send.)

Warmly recommended to everyone who wants the end of the rape culture we are living in. Written mainly for cis-men.

  • Take back your body

For women who want to live independently from doctors. I didn’t try any of these so I can’t tell you my opinions about it. It is about getting to know your cycle, regulate your cycle, healing yeast infections, contraceptiva and abortion. It is also recommended to lesbians!


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